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In 2013 the Trustees concluded they wanted do more to broaden the research pool of marketing and market knowledge and then make it more freely available to the public.

Marketing Trust Published Research

The Marketing Trust has supported many varied Research Projects in the past, both directly and indirectly, by responding to applications and requests for funding to support activities which could demonstrate that they would have real and lasting benefit and value to those engaged in the day-to-day practice of marketing.

In 2013 the Trustees carried out a review of the Marketing Trust's past activities and concluded it should do more to broaden the research pool of marketing knowledge and make it more freely available to the public. They set aside a ring-fenced fund for this and decided to be proactive in initiating such projects instead of waiting to respond to applications.

They drew up a range of topics they would like to see researched and approached the Chartered Institute of Marketing to carry out the first project on the topical subject of Food Labelling.


The full report on Food Labelling is available to download here.

For an overview of some of the results, you can download two CIM infographics:

Hear the issues direct from consumers in this CIM video on Responsible marketing and food labelling.

"We were pleased to collaborate with the Marketing Trust on this important piece of research into attitudes to Food Labelling. It shed new light on a subject that affects consumers as well as the producers.

"The generous funding by the Marketing Trust of this and similar research projects means we can undertake investigations into areas we probably would not otherwise be able to do."

Thomas Brown, the then Director, Strategy and Insights, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Latest research project completed February 2019

Social Media in the Business to Business Environment

The Role of Social Media in the Business to Business Environment:
Social media is transforming the way in which consumers interact with both each other and businesses. Increasing internet speeds, enhanced technology, WEB 3.0 and the launch of 5G, are providing new opportunities for the development of virtual brand communities, innovation and co-creation. Although the volume and value of business to business (B2B) transactions arguably exceed business to consumer (B2C) interactions, social media research has almost entirely been conducted in a B2C or consumer to consumer (C2C) context. Therefore, little is known about:

  1. How different types of social media are used in a B2B context
  2. What role can social media play in enhancing the B2B buyer-seller experience
  3. To what extent common B2C and C2C platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr and Instagram (or B2B specific platforms) enable stakeholders to network, transform relationships, improve interactivity and co-create
  4. How effective B2B social media campaigns are
  5. What impact social media has on stimulating innovation, improving performance and building brand awareness and brand equity in a B2B context.

This research set out to redress that and to find out just how effective B2B social media campaigns are?

The full report on Social Media in the Business to Business Environment is available to download here.

Click here to download the Appendicies to the report.

The Trustees would be pleased to hear of any aspects of marketing that practitioners feel they would like more information on.

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